Thursday, July 3, 2008


Very very nice. Love those lego accessories. Ok I know this was supposed to be a menswear blog but this is truly a work of art just look at that zipper necklace. I would love to see Outsapop make something for men. Maybe a lego belt? Maybe a lego cuff link (now that would be cool). Well all I can say is keep doing what your doing and oh yea one more thing wonderful inspiration book.

Pictures via Outsapop Trashion and her inspiration book


OutsaPop said...

Thank You so much! Actually the zipper necklace IS unisex! The second one I made was for a male friend of mine :) AND I made a black lego-bow-tie for him for his birthday. I have to post photos of it... Now he also wants a white one.. :))

Ejiikiieru said...

wow! thats quite arty! ... loving the lego rings!