Sunday, August 31, 2008

Michael Bastian - The Brand and The Man

I don't really approve of wearing many designers that are pretty new but I have an exception and that's Michael Bastian. He is a promising designer. I have been waiting for his collection for spring summer 09 for a while now and luckily the guys from gave us a preview. Mr.Bastian claims his look for spring summer 09 is 'hot sexy lifeguard'. I would really love to see what comes of it. The above pictures are a few of my favourite designs from his previous season. He incorporates colour into outfits so well (look at the first model's socks). He doesn't do crazy patterns. He keeps them simple but different with touches of colours. Maybe the modern dandy that likes to blend in but still remain different. Mr.Bastian, I can only hope you bring this wonderful collection of yours to India.
The best example of how these looks can work in everyday life can be seen on the man himself. He is a living example of the clothes he makes. One of the reasons I admire him as much. I really think he will make a huge mark on the fashion industry. Keep up the great work sir.

Pictures (runway pictures) from Men.Style.Com

Friday, August 29, 2008

Must Have Of The Moment - Clae Shoes

I know it has been a while since I did my Must Have Of The Moment Posts but thats because I haven't been finding things lately that are worth talking about. Well that was the case till the guys at Thrillist sent me an email talking about Clae Shoes. The shoes on top are my favourites from the collection. The best part is they all represent people that changed the world, like take the shoes above for example they are named as Langston, McQueen, Whitman and Russell. It is a small collection of about 13 shoes. If anyone has bought a pair of these shoes - this collection or older collections please do leave a comment on how the shoe lasts and how comfortable it was.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Wearing a hat is difficult nowadays. Its not that people 50 years ago used to have better face shapes but the fact that when people 50 years ago stepped out of their houses they saw that every gentlemen wore something on their head. They could observe trial and error without actually even wearing a hat. I am talking about their childhood and by seeing so many people wearing hats by the time they were grown up men they could easily choose a good hat for their face shape, complexion and hair. They would also know what to wear with which hat. Now you rarely see anyone wearing a hat or even owning one. It isn't easy for us to wear hats nowadays. It takes a certain level of style and experience to pull it off.
Why would you want to wear a hat? Because the right hat can frame your shape. It can add unexpected character to a simple basic look or help pull off a harder look. Now how to achieve success on wearing a hat. First step would be to keep it simple. Like a lot of things-less is more (I mean the decoration and bling). Second would be to know your face shape.  A guide to what hat suits what face shape can be found at Miller HatsWhat would you wear with a hat? Try any type of jacket. For summer a shirt and shorts. Try dressing like picture 3 - rugby under a jacket for a casual look. Hope this article helped and I hope more of us would start wearing hats. It really is a beautiful thing.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Indian Menswear

For my last topic I kept talking about kurtas. Most of you might not be familiar with it so I decided to post on what they were. A kurta is a traditional item of clothing worn in most parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It is collarless. It is usually loose fitting and falls close to the knees (sometimes below the knee, sometimes above the knee). It can be worn casually or formally (think sports shirt and dress shirt). Picture 1 shows a more formal one and picture 2 a little less formal. Steve Mcqueen wore a modified version of this in The Great Escape (the scene celebrating the 4th of July). It was shorter than the traditional kurta. If you would like to know about more types of Indian menswear please do leave a comment.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Interesting Detail

As I was going through the Our Legacy look-book I noticed this detail. The detail of men having their hands in their pockets. Nothing extraordinary except the fact that the pockets were in their shirts. Its was a nice refreshing detail to see, something new. After all menswear is all about details. But that was it. I am a man that never tries something unless I see someone pull it off in real life. Yesterday as I was walking down the street, I notice a dark haired, well groomed, handsome man wearing a kurta. A kurta is something I have been wearing for years and years now but I had never thought how the pocket in the kurta would have looked on a shirt. It was a very functional detail on a kurta, usually since the pyjamas(the spelling isn't wrong its a different item of clothing) didn't have pockets or the kurta would cover them but with shirts it is a completely different matter. I do not think it would be functional because you already have enough pockets in your trousers or jeans and if you have that many stuff you would be carrying a bag. All the less it is an interesting detail. The pockets are tilted a bit they aren't straight. If anyone has had a similar detail or would like to no more about it please do let me know on the comments page.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Dear readers,
I am in need of your experience and thoughts. I am looking to purchase a similar shirt (this one is by Our Legacy a brand from Sweden). My question is this - Will this shirt become too heavy (with the four pockets and the epaulets)? I request anyone that has owned a similar shirt or is looking to buy a similar shirt to share your thoughts on how it was and how you wore it (Did you wear it with a sportscoat or with a sweater or cardigan? or on its own?). Thank You.

Oh and seems Thom Browne is getting popular in Sweden (the trouser break - even if it is rolled up). Or is it just a coincidence? Hmm I wonder.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Albert Einstein

As part of my second article on style icons for men represent I will introduce you to the elegant world of Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein you wonder? I know many of us would't consider him a candidate for the best dressed list but maybe that's the reason I admire his style. He would always be dressed appropriately but with his own rumpled touch. His personal style quirk would be wearing a rumpled suit with that crazy hairstyle(which I admire for its authenticity). His usual wardrobe would consist of three piece suits, cardigans and other knitwear, mostly wing collared shirts and many neckties. All of which I admire a lot(especially the wing collared shirts even though you wouldn't get a chance to wear them nowadays. Bravo for pulling them off so well). Easily put he wasn't the most sartorial scientist in the world and his clothes didn't fit like a glove but he always was the most stylish scientist, he was what I would like to call - an individualist.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Marcello Mastroianni

This article comes as part of Men Represent. This article is on one of my style icons - Marcello Mastroianni. The Italian actor showed us that dressing in a very simple style was never boring as long as the fit and execution is right. He was the reason I wore my first french cuffed shirt and I haven't stopped wearing them since(not the same shirt but french cuffs). He would wear the things everyone else has in their wardrobe (easily put-the basics)- the black necktie, the black suit, the white shirt, but would look different from the rest. Maybe its because he is from the country where men care about their appearance. There is no denying he had style that men wish to have. And don't get me started on his hairstyle, the one I have been wearing for quite some time now(works well to have thick black hair). 

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boutonniere or The Buttonhole

The boutonniere at about the late nineteenth century was what marked a man as a good dresser. Now it is rarely seen even for weddings, funerals or any other occasion that calls for a dinner jacket. The colours for the boutonniere are commonly white for full dress events (now very rare) and red with your dinner jacket. You can also try wearing a boutonniere of the national flower of your country(an example would be if you live in England you can wear a rose). The movie The Godfather had many scenes showing the boutonniere, the above pictures of Marlon Brando are from the same movie at his daughters wedding. The red boutonniere is worn with a dinner jacket. 

Friday, August 15, 2008

Richard Merkin

First an introduction for Mr.Merkin. He was a painter, a raconter, and a lot more. He was 'The Style Guy' in GQ magazine before Glenn O'Brien. Now let's get onto the topic - the picture and how he is dressed.
  1. The bowler - The bowler hat which Englishmen stopped wearing in the course of the 1960's can add a bit of dandy to your look.
  2. The club collar - Like said in a previous post - worn with a perfect tie knot can work pretty well.
  3. A suit with sleeve cuffs- An Edwardian detail. I think it can work if everything else is kept simple and after all menswear is all about the details.
  4. The boutonniere - The finishing touch if you aren't wearing a pocket square. But doesn't yellow stand for jealousy? (you can get away with wearing a button hole and a pocket square but here he has a lot going on)
The picture I found when browsing through a wonderful blog Easy and Elegant Life

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Boat Shoes

Last time when I spoke about footwear I spoke about Espadrilles This time I will speak on boat shoes. Some people can't live without them while some can't stand them. I am a person that loves them if there worn properly - casually, if they are in a good colour or if its eye catching but in a good way. Next time you look for a shoe to go with your jeans or shorts consider boat shoes (add on playful socks like in the 2nd picture if you're in jeans or go sock-less if you're in your shorts).

Pictures from ASOS

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Trying to add colour into your outfit but don't no where to start? Start with accessories. A scarf, a bag, a pair of gloves or even a pair of socks. I usually choose red beacause it's one of my favourite colours. Which colour you want is entirely up to you. Be inspired by the above pictures by none other than The Sartorialist.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Andre 3000 - Benjamin Bixby

I'm not the one that usually gets exited when rappers or hip-hop icons launch their clothing lines but this one is an exception. Benjamin Bixby designed by the famed actor/singer Andre Benjamin or better known as Andre 3000. What he wants with this clothing line is to tell stories. Andre Benjamin is the perfect example of what I would like to call a 21st century dandy. One of the things I admire most about him is his courage. The courage to wear anything and step out of the house (especially since your a celebrity). I hope Benjamin Bixby is as good as all our expectations and best of luck to Andre Benjamin.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pink Shirts

The regular dress shirt wardrobe would consist of a few white, blue and striped shirts. Why not opt for something more colourful. So there comes in the topic. I could have talked about a bright red or green shirt but thats hard to pull off. Whereas a pink shirt is colourful but at the same time not outrageously colourful and is easy to pull off too. A pink shirt worn with a suit looks great. If your not the average suit wearing guy then wear your pink shirt with shorts or a pair of jeans and add on anything you think will go well with it. For tennis or any other sport get a pink polo t-shirt and you will stand out from the others but in a good way. Fell free to take inspiration from the above pictures.

Pictures from Men.Style.Com and Ralph Lauren

Friday, August 8, 2008


Espadrilles have been all the rage on the streets and on the runways of Spring-Summer 09. It's a great replacement for flip-flops and other sandals for people that don't want to have their feet seen. It gets better with use and comes in a wide range of colours. My choice of footwear for the beach. Buy one really tight. You shouldn't be able to almost get your feet into them, after one or two wears they will loosen up and it will fit your feet perfectly and they wont fall off (thanks to Lily who commented on thesartorialist for this tip - I was always searching for a way to have them fit properly. It really works).