Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Journal Of Style - My Last Post

I seem to be really busy nowadays and I never get a chance to blog anymore (I have been meaning to post the following up but I did not get time till today). This will be my final post for the blog. I had a blast blogging. I met a lot of great people. I hope you enjoyed the blog while it lasted because I sure did writing it for you. Below are some of my blog shout outs and along with these blogs are three other blogs that I have already posted about - Outsapop Trashion, What I Saw Today and I Luw Fashion(Click Here)
Buckets and Spades. A blog by Mat who lives near the seaside. Not updated regularly but lovely stuff when he does update it (which I hope is very soon).
The Houndstooth Kid. A great eye for vintage and the history of fashion. I learned a lot about World War time fashion from the blog and you should too. Check it out.
Style Salvage. A blog most of you might know. A fantastic one. This was one of the blogs that made me want to start blogging. Keep up the good work Steve and EJ(sorry I couldn't find a picture of EJ).
The Life and Times of a Problem Child A great blog. Some one give the kid a sponsorship to a fashion collage. Future talent. I promise you he won't disappoint. 
The Sunday Best. Read his comics. Fantastic stuff. I love the one for Movember.
Great Times Good Times. Blog by Mr.Anonymus or Kteeo. The blog is very new less than a month old, but I loveit aldready. Future talent just like Giancinephile.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Talent - Six Lee

More talent from Show 2008. Six Lee.

The above pictures are of show 07, where Six Lee is in her second year. My favourite look is the third picture. Fantastic use of top hats and bowties.

The rest of the pictures are of Show 2008 and Six Lee in her third year. 

Monday, October 20, 2008

New Talent - Lars Paschke

Going through the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts website I found Show 2008 (and later the archives including Show 2007). There where a lot of fantastic collections. Really great stuff (maybe even better than what we saw at the NYC runways). One of the collections I liked most was by Lars Pashcke. 

Both the above pictures are a part of his 2nd year collection for Show 2007. Pirates of the Caribbean from a different perspective? What would have been really cool is if the first model was holding a novel in his hand - a pirate that loves to read. Never seen that before.

The rest of the pictures are from Show 2008 and his 3rd year collection. It has still got a pirate vibe but the clothes are much more colourful. It feels as if the 1st collection was Autumn Winter and this one Spring Summer. It also seems Lars does accessories too. Wonderful.

Oh and terribly sorry for not posting in a while. I was quite unwell.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Interesting Detail - Adam Kimmel Trousers

I was recently busy on browsing through the new Ralph Lauren collection when I notice Adam Kimmel SS09. My memory is pretty good but I didn't remember browsing through Adam Kimmel's collection. After the SS09 collection, I browsed through the Adam Kimmel archives and I found that he has a lot of interesting trouser details.
Adam Kimmel Fall 07.
Adam Kimmel Fall 08
Adam Kimmel Fall 08
Adam Kimmel Spring 09
Adam Kimmel Spring 09. Please avoid looking at the crocs and keep your eyes on the trousers.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ralph Lauren SS 09

The Ralph Lauren clothes for ss 09 as seen on was fantastic. Great use of colour, great pattern coordination, classic Ralph Lauren but yet so new. One thing missing was seeing them on real people instead of mannequins. Now you can. The Ralph Lauren SS 09 show is up on with a total of 72 looks. Not all the looks are the same as they were on the mannequins but below are a few of the looks that were the same as before. Click Here to see the looks.

Friday, October 10, 2008

'Untitled' by ASOS

'Untitled' is an innovative new menswear project initiated by online retailer ASOS. Developed from the idea that limited edition products captivate men, 'Untitled' invites experts in denim, vinyl, trainers, sunglasses and new designers, to collate, and then offer to ASOS, a series of rare,  hard to find or limited edition products for sale. The project propels menswear forward on ASOS and highlights some of the current creativity in men's fashion and lifestyle products. 
Fraser Laing, owner of Archiv which was set up in 1997 to sell exclusive vintage eyewear has selected contempory limited edition styles along with vintage frames. Rick Frystak, Amoeba's leading vinyl-buying expert selected the record for the project, choosing rare vinyl albums from multiple eras, genres and styles.
Hywel Davies fashion writer and author of Modern Menswear, approached new menswear designers, and commissioned them to design limited edition garments especially for 'Untitled'. Swedish Patrik Soderstam has designed 5 different limited edition graphic t-shirts which are both bold and dynamic. Berlin based  Carola Euler offers a grey pleat sweatshirt combining her utilitarian design approach. Another Berlin designer Frank Leder has handmade wool scarves and combined his obsession with historical Germany by applying vintage enamel badges. London based Jean-Pierre Braganza constracts with expertly cut patterns that emphasize the human figure and offer unexpected detailing. Deryck Walker completes the group with his new take on the classic white shirt.
Also participating in 'Untitled' is the online trainer store Croocked Tongues who have been selling hard to find trainers since 2000.

A big thanks to Natasha for all the pictures and information about 'Untitled'.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Louis Vuitton and Sean Connery

I know I am a little late to post the picture of the new Louis Vuitton campaign featuring Sean Connery but how can I not post a photo of two things I love - the real 007 and LV. The picture makes me want to buy the bag (until I hear the price that is).