Sunday, August 31, 2008

Michael Bastian - The Brand and The Man

I don't really approve of wearing many designers that are pretty new but I have an exception and that's Michael Bastian. He is a promising designer. I have been waiting for his collection for spring summer 09 for a while now and luckily the guys from gave us a preview. Mr.Bastian claims his look for spring summer 09 is 'hot sexy lifeguard'. I would really love to see what comes of it. The above pictures are a few of my favourite designs from his previous season. He incorporates colour into outfits so well (look at the first model's socks). He doesn't do crazy patterns. He keeps them simple but different with touches of colours. Maybe the modern dandy that likes to blend in but still remain different. Mr.Bastian, I can only hope you bring this wonderful collection of yours to India.
The best example of how these looks can work in everyday life can be seen on the man himself. He is a living example of the clothes he makes. One of the reasons I admire him as much. I really think he will make a huge mark on the fashion industry. Keep up the great work sir.

Pictures (runway pictures) from Men.Style.Com


Arctic Penguin said...

I'm reminded of Thom Browne, but infinitely more.. wearable. I love the top and the bottom looks most. Certainly he does fall very well, though for the hot sexy lifeguard example in GQ's recent post, well, I'm not too sure. But I guess Ralph Lauren has that corner of the market pretty much squared away already. Great blog, by the way.. more material than the Sartorialist, permissive and exuberant about casual clothes in a way which will never be found in A Suitable Wardrobe, and more accepting of fashion generally than other blogs. And yet, I don't feel like I'm drowning in Narcissus' pool, as I feel when perusing luxury magazines. Thanks for the distillation.

Jonas Fred said...

Dear Arctic Penguin,
Thank you for those very kind words. Hot sexy lifeguard, yea I know what you mean but think lots of shorts, sunglasses and colour. As you said Ralph Lauren has that part of the market all to himself but I do think Michael Bastian is capable of doing something a step above Ralph Lauren because people always want a change. Michael Bastian's clothes have some nice details too.

Jonas Fred