Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Interesting Detail

As I was going through the Our Legacy look-book I noticed this detail. The detail of men having their hands in their pockets. Nothing extraordinary except the fact that the pockets were in their shirts. Its was a nice refreshing detail to see, something new. After all menswear is all about details. But that was it. I am a man that never tries something unless I see someone pull it off in real life. Yesterday as I was walking down the street, I notice a dark haired, well groomed, handsome man wearing a kurta. A kurta is something I have been wearing for years and years now but I had never thought how the pocket in the kurta would have looked on a shirt. It was a very functional detail on a kurta, usually since the pyjamas(the spelling isn't wrong its a different item of clothing) didn't have pockets or the kurta would cover them but with shirts it is a completely different matter. I do not think it would be functional because you already have enough pockets in your trousers or jeans and if you have that many stuff you would be carrying a bag. All the less it is an interesting detail. The pockets are tilted a bit they aren't straight. If anyone has had a similar detail or would like to no more about it please do let me know on the comments page.

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