Thursday, August 28, 2008


Wearing a hat is difficult nowadays. Its not that people 50 years ago used to have better face shapes but the fact that when people 50 years ago stepped out of their houses they saw that every gentlemen wore something on their head. They could observe trial and error without actually even wearing a hat. I am talking about their childhood and by seeing so many people wearing hats by the time they were grown up men they could easily choose a good hat for their face shape, complexion and hair. They would also know what to wear with which hat. Now you rarely see anyone wearing a hat or even owning one. It isn't easy for us to wear hats nowadays. It takes a certain level of style and experience to pull it off.
Why would you want to wear a hat? Because the right hat can frame your shape. It can add unexpected character to a simple basic look or help pull off a harder look. Now how to achieve success on wearing a hat. First step would be to keep it simple. Like a lot of things-less is more (I mean the decoration and bling). Second would be to know your face shape.  A guide to what hat suits what face shape can be found at Miller HatsWhat would you wear with a hat? Try any type of jacket. For summer a shirt and shorts. Try dressing like picture 3 - rugby under a jacket for a casual look. Hope this article helped and I hope more of us would start wearing hats. It really is a beautiful thing.

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EJ said...

Hear hear! Hats for all!