Friday, August 22, 2008

Albert Einstein

As part of my second article on style icons for men represent I will introduce you to the elegant world of Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein you wonder? I know many of us would't consider him a candidate for the best dressed list but maybe that's the reason I admire his style. He would always be dressed appropriately but with his own rumpled touch. His personal style quirk would be wearing a rumpled suit with that crazy hairstyle(which I admire for its authenticity). His usual wardrobe would consist of three piece suits, cardigans and other knitwear, mostly wing collared shirts and many neckties. All of which I admire a lot(especially the wing collared shirts even though you wouldn't get a chance to wear them nowadays. Bravo for pulling them off so well). Easily put he wasn't the most sartorial scientist in the world and his clothes didn't fit like a glove but he always was the most stylish scientist, he was what I would like to call - an individualist.


Eddy said...

Very inspiring article. Keep it up.

Stylesalvage Steve said...

Great post. You are putting me to shame. I really need a better internet connection. Anyway, back to your post...You aren't the only one to see Einsten is this way...Mensflair featured a piece by Chris Hogan where he discussed Einstein's style. Einstein certainly was his own man, rising from patent clerk to heights of international acclaim, he never really changed who he was or how he dressed. There are however a number of people who claim he was well aware of his public image and used it to his advantage - the rumpled suits and gravity defying hair was I'm sure a disarming tool (to an extent). What do you think?

Jonas Fred said...

Dear Steve,
Thank you for letting me no I'm not alone here on Einstein. Chris Hogan did a wonderful job writing that article thank you for letting me know I can find it on mensflair. I do think he was well aware of his image and he got exactly what he wanted with it.

Jonas Fred