Monday, September 1, 2008

Michael Bastian

In my last post I talked mainly of his new brand but now I am going to talk about Michael Bastian's personal style. One of my recently found style icons. Michael Bastian is a designer that lives the clothes he designs. What I like the most about his clothes are that he wears them casual most of the time. He might be wearing a suit but its not all buttoned up and perfect. Look at the second picture. He is wearing a full suit. Forget that he is even wearing a french cuff shirt and still doesn't look all business-y. He clearly appreciates details (look at the working buttons on the suit sleeves and the extra pocket on his trousers in the first and last pictures a perfect grown up cargo pants). Details is something I really do think is important in menswear for a designer and for a wearer. His hairstyle suits his face very well too. At least to me he belongs in the ranks of Marcello Mastroianni and Albert Einstein at least style-wise(if your wondering what the hell I'm talking about please Click Here). Oh and Steve here's who I was talking about.

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MR style said...

i love the fact that he has grey hair but he doesnt look like an old machine ! so stylish !