Saturday, September 6, 2008

New York Spring '09 - Part 3

The shows online on today are Obedient Sons, Robert Geller, Lacoste and Band Of Outsiders. The Obedient Sons show was all about feminine menswear. The Robert Geller show had inspiration from Eastern Europe. It feautured a lot of formal pieces and some stripes. It was truly one of the best shows seen so far. The Lacoste show was a well put up show. My favourite part about it would be that they took basic sportswear and updated it with colour and design. The Band Of Outsiders show was more of a lookbook. It had a lot of colour (yellow again. Mmm I wonder). A lot of use for madras (the fabric). The looks below are my top 5 of the shows (no Robert Geller or Obedient Sons because these are looks that can be pulled off in real life).

First up Band Of Outsiders. I suppose this look can be perfect for a sunday morning in summer. I would wear this going out for breakfast at a nearby cafe.
Band Of Outsiders again. As I said yellow. I like the glasses and the pair of shoes.  The length of the shorts are short but longer than what I saw in the shows recently and I like the stripes. The colour of the shirt looks pretty cool too.
As I said use of madras. There were more but this was more wearable. The matching shoe and shirt was pretty cool. The red cardigan whose colour matches the madras hat and trouser was pretty cool too.
Now Lacoste. I really like that this is kept lively with just a touch of green and red. Green on the glove and watch and red on the jacket collar. The watch I really liked. The gloves too for their futuristic looks.
This is what I meant by elevated sportswear (the polo). What I liked about this look was matching the bottom edges of the jacket with the polo.

Pictures from Men.Style.Com

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