Saturday, September 13, 2008

New York Spring '09 - Part 9

Two new shows at - Gilded Age and Yigal Azrouel. The Gilded Age show had simple pieces nothing extraordinary but the part I liked about the collection like last time was the washing and dying processes behind the clothes for example a hunting jacket in chambray which had been washed to bring out imperfections that added an interesting texture to it and t-shirt were organically dyed in Japan (thanks to Tim Blanks for the information). Last time the processes included a cashmere hand knit which requires 71 hours of work and a five pocket trouser dyed with volcanic mud (thanks to Tim Blanks again for the information). The Yigal Azrouel show was his first menswear-only show. The clothes were casual and deconstructed.
Look 1. Gilded Age. The khaki coloured cotton suit looks fantastic. I especially love the short and slim cut of it and the pockets. The shirt is also perfect for the suit.Look 2. Gilded Age. The shorts,the boots and the henley are my favourite from the look.
Look 3. Gilded Age. I have been constantly looking for new ways to wear a denim jacket (please comment on how you wear your denim jacket if you have one) and I guess I have found one - worn with plaid shorts. Ill have to try this.
Look 4. Yigal Azrouel. I am a sucker for lumberjack checks (see my previous post on the subject). I'm a sucker for the colour blue too. I like the idea of wearing it with plaid shorts.
Look 5. Yigal Azrouel. Summer layering wonderfully done. The cuffed shorts, the white shoes and the half-sleeve shirt on half-sleeve shirt on t-shirt layering is a look we can all achieve without spending a thing (that is if you have all these items)


Ca said...

Wow, you have a lot of great runway entries. I'm really too lazy to keep myself updated with the trends but thanks to your blog I feel that I'm slightly better informed. And thank you for the comment!

Mat Ahoy - Buckets and Spades said...

lumberjack and denim jacket! thats working for me.

i have been struggling to find different ways to wear my denim jacket too, i seem to go for the 50s vibes but i did wear it with some chelsea boots, gingham shirt and badges. that was looking quite mod-ish.

Jonas Fred said...

Ca - Thanks, I'm glad you liked the blog.

Mat- Thanks for the tip (lumberjack and denim jacket). Sounds great. I should try that. You should really post pictures of yourself wearing different clothes. The clothes you have and the way you wear it sounds wonderful.

Mat Ahoy - Buckets and Spades said...

i will do yes, i just done seem to take a great picture of myself, so i usually wait till someone lese takes one i sends it to me. i will try to tho