Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New York Spring '09 - Ralph Lauren

As promised a review on the wonderful show by Ralph Lauren. I was impressed by his colour and pattern coordination. Onto my favourite looks from the collection. 
Look 1. As I said wonderful colour and pattern coordination. The striped shirt, the paisley tie and the thickly knit sweater all work together perfectly. Very well done.
Look 2. The look I had to consider this one of my favourites because of the patterns of the clothing. Striped suit, striped shirt and striped tie. Again wonderful pattern coordination. The pocket square matched the collar of the shirt which was another detail I liked. 
Look 3. The look reminded me of Fred Astaire in a way(tie as belt). The colours were kept simple but the look was something very infrequently seen worn in real life.
Look 4. I have always been a fan of both the cricket sweater and the double breasted jacket but I would have never thought of pulling off wearing them together. I love how he mixed casual and formal. It remains sporty yet elegant.
Look 5. I like the simplicity of the look. The look remained black and white except the small sights of the blue contrast collared shirt. The cardigan fits wonderfully. Another thing I would like to point out is the show of shirt cuff under the cardigan.

There was another detail I would like to point out from the collection. The look was a chambray shirt, worn with a tie under a vest and jacket (both of madras - the fabric). The jacket had a red pocket square and tie was tucked into the trouser. The look wasn't all that appealing maybe because of the bad angle from which the picture was seen. The detail was of a tie pin on a chambray shirt. It was a detail that only Ralph Lauren could execute. 


Paul Hardy said...

I agree with your choice of looks especially the one with the cricket sweater and the last one. They look beautiful.

Will said...

The cricket sweater and DB jacket are fantastic. A very classic look.