Friday, September 5, 2008

New York Spring '09 - It Has Begun

I was extremely happy to see that the New York shows for spring-summer 2009 had started as I wasn't quite aware of the dates. Men.Style.Com had two shows -John Bartlett and Trovata. I wasn't a huge fan of John Bartlett's looks but its an improvement. Trovata's show I loved. Not many looks in either John Bartlett's or Trovata's shows but some of them were wonderful. My favourites are below with a short description of what I like about them.
This look was surely my favourite from John Bartlett's show. I liked that the plaid shirt matched the model's eyes but apart from that I love the zip up cardigan with the sleeve details. I also liked the fact that he was wearing shorts that were cut short.
Now onto Trovata. I really love the shoes featured in the collection I like the black coloured one the most as seen on this model. I liked that a simple shorts and t-shirt look was brought to a new level by adding a coat and scarf. I also liked the details of the t-shirt.
What I like about this look is that accessories play an important role in completing the look. The brown belt although doesn't match the shoes even though the more sartorial version is to match the belt to shoes or vice versa. But it doesn't look half bad. The scarf and bracelet (it isn't really all that clear could be a watch too) finish the look.
What I like about this look is that it looks a lot like what Tommy and Ralph do but its a more modern version of it. My regret is the look not having a pocket square. That would have closed the deal. The tie matching the jackets buttons also gets the look plus points.
The scarf!! I love it. I also love the fit of the shorts and the frayed edges of the shorts. Again accessories play a huge role in the look.  That was one of the reasons of me being so pleased with the Trovata show.

Apart from these looks in the Trovata show there was use of more lumberjack plaid (which I am a huge fan of) in the form of a jacket and shorts. The shorts I loved but not the combination and hence I didn't post the picture. The Trovata show featured many accessories and most of the looks can be pulled off easily the way they were presented with some slight tweaks here and there.

I would love to know what you thought of the two shows and which ones you are awaiting and what you think of the looks above in the comments page.

Pictures from Men.Style.Com

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Qvest said...

The first and the last looks are the best of the bunch.