Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New York Spring '09 - Part 5

Day 5 of the New York shows brought a smile to my face. They might not have been the best of the season but they were by far the most colourful (well Michael Bastian,  Ralph Lauren and Victor Glemaud atleast). The shows today were of Michael Bastian, Tim Hamilton, Victor Glemaud, Ralph Lauren and Z Zegna. The Michael Bastian show had not been as good as I had expected (I had too much of hope) but they were not disappointing either. The Tim Hamilton show was beautiful. The vintage looking bib shirts had a wonderful look. This was one of the shows that exceeded my expectations. The Victor Glemaud show had a lot of nice knits and was very colourful. The Ralph Lauren show did not consist of models but only mannequins. The show was interesting and almost all of the looks would work in real life. The Z Zegna show had a lot of good jackets. Onto my five favourite looks for today (no Ralph Lauren included. Thats a topic for tommorow).
Look 1. Michael Bastian - I loved the colour of the shirt and the pocket square. The jacket was also something I liked for its cut, colour and detail.
Look 2. Michael Bastian. More yellow. The colour combination is done well. This look would be perfect on the beach (fits in perfectly with Michael Bastian's theme of lifeguard). 
Look 3. Tim Hamilton. I love this look. The jacket and shoes are both white. The jeans black. The shirt blue looks like gingham. I would have liked a bigger view of this. But this will have to do for now.
Look 4. Victor Glemaud. A lot of colour. I suppose its pulled off by keeping the white levis (or it seems) white and the loafers (gucci?) black. 
Look 5. Z Zegna. I love the jacket. Is that a knit jacket? The shoes look so great.

Ralph Lauren's show will be discussed tommorow in another post along with five of my favourite Ralph Lauren looks (will be hard to choose among about 170).


Mat Ahoy - Buckets and Spades said...

that colourful caridgan looks great, is it sheer though?

two tone brogues on the beach these days, i live at the beach and alls you get is reebok classics, at a push.

i got my jacket from a local vintage store in manchester, i don't think it is that old thats why it's more slim fitting. i tried on loads before i found this one. all of them had either huge sleeves or massive bodies.

can't wait for the RL review

Jonas Fred said...

Dear Mat,

I am not so sure about it being sheer.

Jonas Fred