Friday, September 19, 2008

Take A Look - Steve McQueen

Browsing through the internet I found hundreds of pictures of style icons that wore there clothes wonderfully well. I wanted to share these pictures, so here is Take A Look's first edition - Steve McQueen.
1. Shawl collared cardigan perfection. That makes me want to run out to a store and get me one. The look as a whole can be copied without changing a thing.
2. I have considered turtlenecks something elegant although casual but I would have considered a racing jacket a bit too much buthere McQueen wears it with a racing jacket and it works. It works well. The watch is also beautiful.
3. Isn't this how we all want to look when we take our suit jackets off.
4. Great fit for everything. Double-Breasted suits are always elegant when worn right.
5. Another look that can be copied exactly the same way today. One of my favourite pictures of Steve McQueen. Turtleneck sweaters look great on him.
6. Turtleneck again but this time with a corduroy blazer. The mix of leather belt with corduroy blazer is done perfectly.
7. Workwear at its best by Steve McQueen. The pockets of the shirt are beautiful. You could wear this shirt even now (without the stains and the sailors cap).


-h of candid cool said...

McQueen had a timeless style. I have an Menswear magazine issue from a few years ago, which had something like the style tips of Steve McQueen.

Jonas Fred said...

-h of candid cool - I agree McQueen's clothes can be worn the same way today as he did,

-h of candid cool said...

i emailed you the article :)

Ellipsis said...

You might want to take anouther look at the first picture with the cardigan. That's not a cigar.