Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My 10 Essentials

A few days ago Steve and EJ from Style Salvage asked us to email them on out 5 essentials. I have sent them an e-mail on my 5 essentials but I coudn't stop at five, so here are my top 10 style essentials (the clothes and things that inspire me to wear the clothes).1. Canvas Shoes. They come in tons of different colours and designs.
2. A good read. This doesn't have to mean a book. It can be an article in the newspaper or in on the internet, a magazine or even a novel. The picture above is of one of my favourite books - The Godfather by Mario Puzo.
3. History. The past was so wonderful (clothing-wise). Hats, ties, suits, walking sticks. These were all things that everyone wore everyday.
4. The Internet. Although the picture above shows blogger, I do not mean blogger alone. The internet is a wonderful resource. You can find about anything in the internet.
5. Jeans. Who doesn't wear them? From tiny toddlers to grandfathers. The picture above from the sartorialist shows the versatility of the jeans.
6. A good portable music system - I love music. I feel inspired by it. So a good music system I can carry around is a must-have for me.
7. Pocket Squares or Pocket Handkerchiefs. I never wear a suit of a blazer without a pocket square (unless the pocket has a flap for example in a hunting jacket). Its a simple thing to bring your outfit to a whole new level. 
8. Scarfs. Whether it be a knit scarf for winter or a linen scarf for summer. Scarfs can be worn dressed down or up. There are a lot of different knots, which means different looks for one scarf.
9. Turtleneck Sweaters. I once read in GQ magazine that Turtlenecks are the most flattering thing a man can wear and I guess this holds true. I know they can't be worn all year round or all the time but I try to wear one as much as possible.
10. Watches. I have read somewhere that a watch does for men what perfume does for women and I consider that true(sorry it was a long time ago and I forgot where I read it. Please do let me know if you know the link). The best part about watches is the wide range of options.

Please note - The list is in no particular order although they are numbered.

What are your style essentials? Please let us know in the comments page.


Mat Ahoy - Buckets and Spades said...

great post, i have emailed steve my top 5 too, mine was based on what i need on a day-to-day basic.

i would agree with all of these. history and art are very important to me, and that doubles up as a good read too. im obsessed with salvador dali.

one of my best friends wears pocket squares and i love them but i have never wore one, i must change that!

my post should be up on style salvage soon, so keep checking. ah super thanks for adding me to your blog list, you are on mine now for sure ( i don't know why i didn't do it earlier)

Jonas Fred said...

Mat - here are some links to help you choose your first pocket square and to wear it well (perhaps even better than your friend) -




Stylesalvage Steve said...

Sorry for the delay in posting your essentials chaps! They are up now!

Pocket Squares are certainly an essential in menswear, the variety and options make this style essential lmiitless and one everyone can make their own.

Will said...

Ah, Apparel Arts, I think that is all I need. History, of course. And maybe the internet.

EJ said...

You've certainly given me some food for thought for when I compile my own list. I'm in total agreement when it comes to scarves- I'm so glad it's getting cooler so that I can wrap myself in my knitting creations!

Jonas Fred said...

Steve - Thanks for letting me know.

Will - I wish they still made apparel arts now.

EJ - Scarves are great because I can borrow (steal) some from my girlfriend too.

MOND said...

yeahhhh the internet
and blogs like yours

Mat Ahoy - Buckets and Spades said...

thanks for the links, il eb sure to try them out. dito on borrowing scarfs from my girlfriend!

Terencesambowrites said...

Wow interestint post! i'm looking forward to doing stuff like this for my blog, probably next mnth cos this month's booked up!

I added a link to ur blog on mine so it's only fair dat u link bag, got to support ourselves we members of the blogosphere

Jonas Fred said...

Terencesambowrites - I would love to see your list of essentials and I have added a link to your blog as well.

Jonas Fred

B said...

Where is that watch from??

Jonas Fred said...

b- The watch is from Ralph Lauren.

Jonas Fred