Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New York Spring '09 - Part 6

Day 6 of the New York shows featured Marc by Marc Jacobs and Thom Browne. The Marc by Marc Jacobs shows had a few looks that could be worn outside the runway. The Thom Browne show atleast according to me was almost the same that I have seen of him (I would have loved something new. The only things new were trousers worn under the hips and the headbands). Although I consider Thom Browne a master of theatricality for menswear I am getting bored b the same things. 
Look 1. Marc by Marc Jacobs. The accessories are the reason this look is here. The sunglasses, the man-bag, the necklaces and those shoes (paisley?).
Look 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs. The accessories again. The shoe matches the shirt (I have observed this very often this season. A trend?). The accessory I love most from the look is the bag. The pieces I would like to own are the bag and the shirt both for their rugged military look.
Look 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs. The show was clearly all about the accessories. The crumpled trench coat was also a highlight of the look.
Look 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs (don't worry it is the last of his). I can not put my finger on why I like this look. Maybe because of the rolled up cuffs of the trousers or because of the vest and half sleeved shirt combo or even for the accessories or perhaps because all of it.
Look 5. Thom Browne. The reason I liked this look was because of the matching colours of the tie and the belt (who needs to match the belt with your shoe anymore). Red, white and blue where the colours in the tie and the belt. Another thing I liked was everything else was white and that Thom Browne choose the tie and belt to add colour to a plain outfit.

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