Monday, October 20, 2008

New Talent - Lars Paschke

Going through the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts website I found Show 2008 (and later the archives including Show 2007). There where a lot of fantastic collections. Really great stuff (maybe even better than what we saw at the NYC runways). One of the collections I liked most was by Lars Pashcke. 

Both the above pictures are a part of his 2nd year collection for Show 2007. Pirates of the Caribbean from a different perspective? What would have been really cool is if the first model was holding a novel in his hand - a pirate that loves to read. Never seen that before.

The rest of the pictures are from Show 2008 and his 3rd year collection. It has still got a pirate vibe but the clothes are much more colourful. It feels as if the 1st collection was Autumn Winter and this one Spring Summer. It also seems Lars does accessories too. Wonderful.

Oh and terribly sorry for not posting in a while. I was quite unwell.


Terencesambowrites said...

Good to see u're back, it seems like i waited forever, how are you friend?

These Belgians are so daring,the clothes look a lot like traditional African or Asian attire, artistically cool, realistically not much. It's only subject to my opinion though your could be different :o)

Giancinephile said...

Oh! my dream school! I'll do anything just to study here.

They produce the best designers! They are a cut above the rest!!!

Jonas Fred said...

Terence- I am good. Hope you are too. Art is a part of fashion.

Giancinephile - Dream school. I wish I went there. But too late now for me. You should still try don't give up.