Friday, August 15, 2008

Richard Merkin

First an introduction for Mr.Merkin. He was a painter, a raconter, and a lot more. He was 'The Style Guy' in GQ magazine before Glenn O'Brien. Now let's get onto the topic - the picture and how he is dressed.
  1. The bowler - The bowler hat which Englishmen stopped wearing in the course of the 1960's can add a bit of dandy to your look.
  2. The club collar - Like said in a previous post - worn with a perfect tie knot can work pretty well.
  3. A suit with sleeve cuffs- An Edwardian detail. I think it can work if everything else is kept simple and after all menswear is all about the details.
  4. The boutonniere - The finishing touch if you aren't wearing a pocket square. But doesn't yellow stand for jealousy? (you can get away with wearing a button hole and a pocket square but here he has a lot going on)
The picture I found when browsing through a wonderful blog Easy and Elegant Life


Easy and Elegant Life said...

Thanks for the link and the nice comment about my blog!

Funny, I don't mind wearing a flower and a pocketsquare, although I know it's against most rules. But then, I can be a bit flashy and should rein myself in on occasion.

Jonas Fred said...

I know some people can pull it off well (wearing both the flower and the pocketsquare) but more the majority of the people it is pretty hard. I guess it depends on personal style like for you, you said you are a bit flashy so it can work.

Jonas Fred

Richard M said...

Merkin was the real deal, and his inspiration was the late George Frazier. O'brien is, to say the least, a pale imitation.