Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Denim Jackets

Lately I have been looking for different ways to wear denim jackets as I have purchased one recently. Below are some of the looks I found.
1. Wearing it with jeans would have been considered unbearable for me. It would have looked too much like a uniform. That is until I found this from  Hel-Looks. The jacket a lighter shade of blue and the jeans a darker. It would work if the jacket were darker and the jeans in a lighter shade of blue.
2. Here Mat from Buckets and Spades shows us that fit and accesories can take the look to a whole new level.
3. This look works well because the colours of the denim are different.
4. Kanye West shows us how to wear a denim jacket with attitude. Add accesories, roll up the sleeves or just wear it with a simple t-shirt and khakhi coloured trousers. (Louis Vuitton accesories are optional).
5. A look from the runway of Gilded Age shows us a denim jacket can be worn with shorts (even plaid shorts). A good summer look although winter is fast approaching.
6. This image is from the Creep lookbook. It shows us that denim jacket can be worn with more than a t-shirt and jean. Here worn with a dress shirt looks fresh and not everyone you know would have worn this look.

How do you wear your denim jacket? Let us know on the comments page.


Stylesalvage Steve said...

I must admit that I don't own a denim jacket, more than that...I've never actually worn one. I was put off them in the early 90s when they were worn by so many people with jeans and terible shoes and I've not been able to move on from this aesthetic association. These looks however have inspired. For me they should be worn with contrasting fabrics and textured accessories.

Jonas Fred said...

Steve - Don't worry you aren't alone, I just got my first denim jacket a few weeks ago. Its never too late to start experimenting with clothes.


Mat Ahoy - Buckets and Spades said...

steve is so not alone, they have been some what of a taboo since the 90s. I really didn't think i'd ever wear one until my girlfriend suggested that I could pull it off if I wore it right.

Kanye's look is strong!

giancinephile said...

I have two but they've been hibernating in the depths of my closet for ages. It feels so 90s and in one way outdated and looking back at the way they were worn then, I could only come up with more unlikely images on my head. Then it seems to be having a comeback. I guess there are new ways to dig in to this one without feeling so stuck to the 90s vibe...

Jonas Fred said...

Giancinephile - I never wore a denim jacket until now. I was getting a bad vibe (a 90s sort of feel) like you too but fashion and style is all about experimentation and I gave it a try. It worked very well and It didn't feel a bit like the 90s. The jacket is quite slim and snug.


Terencesambowrites said...

i love the third picture from the top. But denim jacketS!!!!! not sure, but it depends on the design

Anonymous said...

I hate Kanye West, but he's got the denim jacket look right...khaki pants that aren't over tailored or too baggy...the pants should fit well and a nice belt helps.